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MSC Cruises open new Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

A cruise is an ultimate holiday experience. However, there are numerous types of cruises and it is more important than ever to know the difference  to choose the one most suitable to you.

Here are Grenham Travel our award winning team can give you information and guidance to enable you to make an informed decision and choose the cruise that will provide the best holiday experience for you.

Our team will be delighted to share their experience and first hand knowledge on the wide variety of cruises we have on offer, ranging from 3* cruises to the luxurious 6* experience !







A marvellous Island Getaway

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve is an MSC Cruises' private island in the Caribbean. It is part of the Bimini chain of islands in the western Bahamas, close to Miami and Florida's east coast.

It is exclusively accessible to cruise ships and guests of the MSC Cruises' Caribbean Cruises. MSC Cruises has helped the country to set up an environmental paradise and an exclusive spot for vacationing in harmony with nature, in one of its most astonishing locations.

Here you can spend a one-of-a-kind experience on an authentic Caribbean Marine Reserve, while connecting with the natural world, feeling the warmth of the Bahamian spirit and immersing in an eco-friendly environment.
On Ocean Cay you can enjoy a relaxing massage in a cabana, discover the beauty of the sea and explore the area with dedicated excursions.


Call our award winning team for a quote to experience this wonderful cruise holiday.

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